Learn Italian With Laura

Ciao! Benvenuti!

Have you always wanted to learn Italian? Traveling to Italy and starting up a conversation with the locals? Impressing your friends by ordering dinner in perfect Italian? Or would you simply like to enrich your vocabulary? –

Do it with me! Facciamolo insieme!

Many think that Italian is the most musical language in the world. And I agree. For one reason in particular that I explain in the video down below.

The first lesson is one me, just click the button hereunder and if you like how I teach Italian I’m sure you will come back for more.

If you are already convinced that you want to learn Italian and you want to immediately embark on this adventure, you are in the right place. I have been teaching Italian for many years and I have developed a nice, simple, and effective way to teach it.

Here you can read some reviews of my students

This is module number 1 of my course and I promise you that by following this video course you will be able to build the first sentences of Italian.

The “Benissimo” video course consists of 8 video lessons where you will learn with me the fundamentals of the Italian language in a simple and effective way.

More than two hours of content that you can review until you feel confident to continue.

This course also includes a 20 minute zoom meeting with me; I will evaluate your progress and provide you with some valuable advice.

The Benissimo Course is usually offered at $ 85.00 but is now discounted at only $ 39.99