Attentions a Short Movie by Laura Fantuzzi

Synopsis: Let me tell you a story that’s a bit out of time, although set in a very modern Los Angeles. It’s the story of a dreamer, Laura, who pursues the Hollywood dream of becoming an actress with an Italian accent and an Indian agent who doesn’t believe much in her potential. And of her audience, few but loyal fans, who cheer for her within the walls of a forgotten theater in the memory of aging Italian immigrants. Our heroine has a ramshackle car with which she moves almost uncomfortably through the overly large and busy streets of LA, and that one day leads her to encounter a very special gentleman. His name is Federico, his middle name is Cupid. He throws his dentures as if they were love arrows. So, on a hectic day, the two meet, and time seems to slow down. The moment Laura decides to give Federico a ride, despite being late for work, this kind of attention towards an elderly person triggers a chain of events that will lead her onto the true path her heart longs for. “Attentions” is a romantic comedy about the power of kindness.

Our heroine, the Italian actress, is a force of nature and somewhat of an anti-hero. Picture Sophia Loren meeting Mr. Bean, with a sprinkle of Italian charm and a great love for pasta. And let’s not forget our wise and cheeky elder, whose humor permeates the air, creating a bond that transcends words and unites two unlikely souls.

Laura Fantuzzi
Laura Fantuzzi

Attentions won the Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Film Award (LAFA) 2024

I recently had the privilege of previewing Laura Fantuzzi’s short film “Attentions,” and let me tell you, it’s a little gem that deserves to be discovered.

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